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Romeo y Julieta No.1 (Single Tubed Cigar)

  • Length: 140mm
  • Guage: 42
  • Flavour: Medium
  • Cuban
  • Individually Tubed
  • No Humidor Required

A single, Individually tubed, Romeo Julieta No.1, Cuban Cigars!

The award winning Cuban cigars signified by the numerous Gold medals displayed within the Romeo Logo. The Romeo Y Julieta Cigars are a Medium Strength very high quality Cuban cigar. The strength is manageable my most levels of cigar smokers with complex flavours and sheer quality construction, which will excite even the most discerning of Cigar smokers.

The Romeo Julieta No.1 is a mid sized cigar suitable for almost any occasion and level of smoking experience. There are no sharp, pungent or over intense flavours only a wealth of easy going, enjoyable, complexity. Initially the No.1's tend to be slightly sweet then simmer down with dark cocoa flavours eased off with a hint of floral essences. The No.1 should be enjoyable by most levels of smokers. If this cigar is for a total novice we would still advise a little caution and maybe suggest a smaller cigar.

Individualy tubed: The Romeo Julieta Tubos range of cigars are individually packaged in a cedar lined Aluminium tube. As well as being decorative the Cedar lined tube also helps preserve your cigar for up to a year without the use of a humidor meaning they are always ready for that special occasion that a cigar of this quality is designed to represent. They also make ideal presents as they do not need to be smoked immediately.

Hand Rolled: The tradition of being rolled on a maidens thigh can be questioned but the added quality a cigar beholds from being hand rolled by an experienced Cigar Roller cannot. Each cigar is rolled to the same density with full length filler (leaves), providing the perfect draw and ash build up, which cannot be matched by a machine.

Please note the Romeo Y Julieta cigars require cutting or punching before they can be enjoyed.

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