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Lotus Vertigo Duet Dual Cigar Cutter (V Cutter & Guillotine)

  • Length: 120mm
  • Width: 39mm
  • Depth: 10mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Cuts Up to 56 Ring Gauge
  • Double Blade Cutter
  • Un-boxed

Cigar Cutters: Trimming the end of a premium cigar can be done in many ways and makes a massive difference to the smoking character of the cigar. If done badly the cigar will smoke uneven and in extreme cases can totally unravel.

Vertigo Duet Cutter: The fashion in preparing a Cigar over the last decade has swayed towards the guillotine method as V cutters have almost become extinct but as we all know trends change and we have been asked for more and more for V Cutters recently. So we saw these and snapped them up. A very reasonable priced cigar cutter from a reputable brand that doubles up as a V Cutter and a guillotine for those who like to mix their prep up every once in awhile.

Double Blade Cutters: The main aim is to clear a passage in the end cap of the cigar without damaging the carefully rolled filler or the outer leaf. The double bladed design ensures a clean cut and almost eliminates chance of trapping the outer wrapper as the blade enters the recess.

V Cutters: Some Cigar enthusiasts prefer a neat wedge cutting out of the tip of the Cigar. This maintains the outer structure of the Cigar and can prevent those pieces of the wrapper dislodging during the early stages of the smoke.

Whichever you prefer you have all the options with this cutter.

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