navigate_before Quorum Hand Rolled Nicaraguan Cigars (Classic)

Quorum Nicaraguan CLASSIC Delgado (Pack of 5 Cigars)

  • Length: 152mm
  • Gauge: 33
  • Flavour: Medium
  • Nicaraguan
  • Hand Rolled Cigars
  • No Humidor Required

Quorum Hand Rolled Nicaraguan Cigars: There have been many hand rolled Cigars introduced to the UK in the last few years to appeal to the budget conscious smoker as we all can't justify the price tag of more premium brands. So you sacrifice and go cheaper right ........... "wrong" you buy quorum Cigars. Quorum introduced their Cigars working on low margins to pass the savings onto the consumer. They are one of the biggest selling non Cuban Cigars in the UK with their popularity growing year on year as Cigar enthusiasts realise that price doesn't dictate the quality of a Cigar. Quorum deliver a quality, flavoursome and overall enjoyable smoke for a fraction of the cost of other premium brands.

Quorum Classic Cigars: The Classic is the original Quorum Cigar made for J.C.Newman in the Torano family Nicaraguan factory, they are hand rolled using Nicaraguan leaves for the filler with a premium Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper providing a smooth, flavoursome, medium strength Cigar.

Tubed Cigars: The Quorum Cigars are presented in sealed tubes and do not require storage in a humidor. They will keep for well over a year but should be stored in a cool dark place.

Preparation: Please note the Quorum are a hand rolled Cigar and therefore require cutting before the cigar can be enjoyed.

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