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Mascotte Unbleached Natural Fibre Biodegradable XL 6mm Cigarette Filters

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  • Length: 19mm
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Per Pack: 120 Filters
  • Unbleached
  • Biodegradable

Lets Go Dutch Established in 1858 and started making waves in 1944 when fine paper used for printing Bibles of all things was found to be suitable for rolling paper, which at the time was in short supply. So can we say Mascotte papers are endorsed by religion? Maybe a stretch too far but if you’ve got a light imagination you can chose if you want to believe it! Unfounded claims aside, Mascotte have been perfecting their products in the rolling capital of the world for 70 years and now they feel it’s time to give the world access to their products as they are finally released in the UK.

Mascotte Organic 6mm Filters Always raising the bar Mascotte have developed what is set to be out favourite product of 2014. The rise in popularity of Organic and unbleached cigarette papers was bound to stretch across to cigarette filters at some point and we should have known Mascotte would lead the way. Our original though't when offered these during a sales meeting (down the pub) was "but if they are not burning what difference does it make to the smoke .... this is surely just a gimmick??" It was quickly pointed out that as they were made from paper they were biodegradable and one of the most frowned upon aspects of smoking are the filters littering every doorway on the highstreet. The rest of the sales pitch began with talk of the paper absorbing more impurities from the smoke and making it smoother ... blah ... blah ... blah so the boss proceeded to make a rollie while the nice dutch lady went to get the drinks. (He is usually a gent but it was London prices and she had the Mascotte credit card)

Before she was back the rollie was lit and the boss was blown away. The difference this filter makes is astounding! WHY THE HELL HAVE THEY BEEN MAKING THEM FROM PLASTIC FOR ALL THESE YEARS!!!!!

The smoke is somehow much smoother and cooler than traditional filters and the taste is cleaner. And the guilt is removed when stubbing out the filter as it is biodegradable! We never though't there would be so much excitement around a cigarette filter but there you have it!

These filters are paper wrapped to give a better seal between the filter and paper eliminating air leaks for a better drag.

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