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Jose L Piedra Petit Caballeros (Single Loose Cigar)

  • Length: 128mm
  • Gauge: 48
  • Flavour: Mild-Medium
  • Cuban
  • Loose Cigars
  • Machine Made
  • One Single Loose Hand Rolled Cuban Cigar

Jose L Piedra (The Cubans Everyday Smoke): The Jose L Piedra Cigars are a pre-revolution brand that have proven a very popular choice for the native Cubans due to their good flavoursome smoke without the price tag of some of the other native brands. If the Cubans who roll them choose them then they are good enough for us! The Jose L Piedra cigars are made in the regional factory in Santa Clara, Cuba. The majority are machine made with a few new vitolas that they have introduced, which are hand-rolled. Jose L Piedra have an unrivalled reputation as being one of the finest machine-made Cigars in the world and provide a lot of flavour for what is a milder smoke.

Loose Cigars: The Jose L Piedra Cigars sold as a single loose Cigars and will be supplied in a basic unbranded box rather than being in sealed tubes. This allows the Cigars to age better but does require storing in a suitable environment. They are stored in our humidors until dispatch and ideally should be transferred directly into a humidor on receipt. If you are buying them for a special occasion they should keep for up to a week in a cool, dark place.

This medium-bodied cigar will provide an earthy taste with a great draw and creamy smoke. Hints of salt and tanginess will hit the lips giving an interesting flavour.

Preparation: Please note the Jose L Piedra cigars require cutting or punching before they can be enjoyed.

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