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Gawith Hoggarths Kendal Grasmere Flake Loose Pipe Tobacco

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Kendal Grasmere Flake Pipe Tobacco: Another outstanding and unique flake from the expert blenders in Kendal. The blend is produced from equal proportions of Virgina and Burley leaves with a unique and very well balanced top dressing of Geranium and rose oil with hints of Honey coming through which has to be tasted to appreciate. The word rose may has many gruff men running for the hills but if you haven't tried any floral tobacco's yet don't let it put you off until you've tried it. When blended well (as Gawith & Hoggarth do) the natural flavours of the tobacco come through and gives the tobacco an amazing character. Like a good Turkish delight (not the artificial out of date stuff on the counter of your local newsagent) We have put this under the noses of many in the shop without telling them the scent and they have loved it yet admitted they probably wouldn't ave gone near the jar if we'd have told them it was floral. If you have tried floral tobacco before and hate it maybe steer clear of this one!

Flake Pipe Tobacco: The Gawiths Grassmere Flake is sold in Flake form. Flake tobacco usually requires rubbing (breaking up) before it can be smoked. The tobacco can be rubbed to the smokers preference depending on whether they prefer a slow or fast burn rate.

Loose packaged to order: Here at the UK Tobacco Specialist Tobacconist we buy Gawith Hoggarths Flake Pipe Tobacco in half kilo bags. This means we hand package your tobacco and inspect every strand before it reaches you.

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