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Gawith Hoggarth's Bosun Cut Plug Loose Pipe Tobacco

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The Bosun Cut Plug contains mainly flue-cured Virginias from Brazil, Zimbabwe and Malawi which are enhanced with a small addition of Dark fired leaves to give it a stronger edge. The addition of the sweeter sun cured leaf from Malawi and the rich cigar type notes from the dark air cured Indian grade help to round off the blend.

Cut Plug Tobacco: The Bosun Cut Plug is sold in Sliced Plug form. Plug is produced by fermenting leaves under pressure to form a cake. This is then divided up into Plugs, that require slicing and rubbing depending on the desired burn rate. Cut Plug is basically pre sliced plug ready for rubbing. Due to fermentation under heat and pressure plug tends to be full bodied and would only be recommended for the experienced smoker.

Loose packaged to order: Here at the UK Tobacco Specialist Tobacconist we buy our Bosun Cut Plug Pipe Tobacco in half kilo bags. This means we hand package your tobacco and inspect every strand before it reaches you.

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