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Dr Plumbs Carved Dinky Briar Pipe 4501-C

** This product is not currently available. **
  • Overall Length: 100mm
  • Overall Height: 70mm
  • Bowl Height: 37mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 32mm
  • Bore: 18.5mm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Gift Boxed

The Dr Plumbs Sandblast Dinky Briar pipe is London Made Briar pocket pipe, which has been sandblasted before a dramatic black stain has been applied. The Dr Plumb Dinky are great little, characterful, pocket sized pipes, which incorporate the re-usable metal filter system for a cooler, cleaner smoke. Being lightweight and still having a fairly wide mouthpiece makes them very relaxed and easy on the teeth. Please note they are designed as a pocket pipe for a quick few puffs not an evening in front of the fire. Anything longer than 20 minutes is likely to overheat the pipe, which can damage the pipe and will affect the flavour of the smoke.

Rustic Finish: It is generally regarded that a pipe with a Rustic Finish will smoke cooler as there is more surface area in contact with the cooler air around it, which helps to disperse the heat. It also helps with grip for those who are prone to dropping their beloved briars.

The Dr Plumbs Dinkies incorporate the re-usable metal filter system. The metal filter is suspended in the middle of a moisture trap, which forces the smoke to spiral round the cool metal before entering the stem. This causes condensation, which naturally removes tar and moisture deposits from the smoke trapping them in the shank for a cool pleasant smoking experience. Simply wipe clean in between smokes.

The metal filter can be removed all together for smokers who prefer a totally un-restricted full bodied smoke.

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