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Dr Plumbs Press Stud Wallet Style Black Leather Tobacco Pouch P25540

  • Length: 135mm (widest)
  • Height: 90mm
  • Depth: 15mm
  • Capacity: 25-35g
  • Press Studs

Leather Pipe Tobacco Pouches: Leather Tobacco Pouches are the more more practical & luxurious solution for transporting your Tobacco and accessories. They keep your Tobacco fresh, keep all your smoking requisites to hand and look a damned sight nicer than the plastic offerings Tobacco is now packaged in by the manufacturers.

Dr Plumbs P25540 Tobacco Pouch: The Dr Plumbs P25540 is a neat and stylish, pocket sized press stud wallet leather tobacco pouch designed simply to store your favourite tobacco. The pouch is easy to access and is secured closed with reliable press studs. There are no extra compartments making it very streamline and comfortable in the pocket. The lining is cut longer to produce an extruding flap, which as the pouch is closed presses against a seal strip keeping as much air out of the pouch as possible.

The Pouch is made from the usual soft Leather associated with Dr Plumb products and has a flexible latex lining which aids in forming a seal and keeping the tobacco fresh.

Dimensions: Please note that the dimensions above are intended as a guide only. Measuring a soft leather pouch is difficult and is done when the pouch has no Tobacco or accessories stored in it.

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