navigate_before Loose (Un-Tubed) Nub Cigars

Nub Connecticut 460 (Single Loose Cigar)

  • Length: 4”
  • Gauge: 60
  • Flavour: Medium
  • Avg Burn Time: 58 MInutes
  • Cellophane Wrapped
  • Humidor Advised

Olivas Nub Revolution! A novel concept derived from Sam Leccias passion and desire for the perfect cigar. They appear short but do not be fooled the Nubs are a hefty cigar and contain the same amount of tobacco as a standard Churchill with a comparable burn time. Where a smoker would usually expect to be patient and allow a standard Churchill to develop the Nub delivers an almost instantaneous flavour. How does this work? We don’t know, the Oliva family is keeping this one under their hats for others to aspire to. Other companies are trying to match the Nub experience but none have yet to match the smoking experience.

Nub Connecticut 460 The Nub Connecticut is blended from Olivas legendary Nicaraguan Long Filler and Binder which is wrapped in a Smooth, Silky Connecticut wrapper. The Connecticut wrapper provides a Rich, almost Milky, Sweet smoke with crisp over notes of toasted cedar. The 640 has a large ring gauge and provides a rich intense smoke, which requires commitment. If you are an experienced smoker who enjoys an intense smoke the Nub 460 will not disappoint. If you are new to smoking premium cigars we would recommend proceeding with caution.

Nubs Loose Cigar Range: The Nub Connecticut come packaged loose, in boxes of 24. We will mail a single cigar in a cardboard box surrounded by protective packaging. The cigar should be enjoyed within a few days or kept in a humidor to ensure its condition and the smokers enjoyment.

Please note the Nub Cigars require cutting or punching before they can be enjoyed!