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McChrystal's Olde English Large 8.75g Tin of Snuff (English Menthol)

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  • Grind: Medium/Fine
  • Moisture: Medium
  • Colour: Brown
  • Weight: 8.75g

Soft delicate light menthol experience.

One of McChrystals best sellers. The flavours aren't overwhelming to the senses in any way but they certainly don't hide. Some customers enjoy mixing their snuffs and this is perfect for that. Try mixing it with a fruity or even chocolate snuff.

Snuff takers can comfortably enjoy McChrystals snuff knowing that every pinch is ground using only the finest tobacco available before being enhanced with a highly secret mentholated recipe with the addition of Eucalyptus that has remained un-changed for over 80 years. The Medium Grind and Moisture is enjoyable by the less experienced yet gives enough kick for an all-day snuff for the more experienced.