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Gawith Hoggarths Cyprian Latakia No.7 Loose Blending Pipe Tobacco

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Latakia blends are the marmite of tobacco world "Love it or hate it." Latakia is mainly associated with English blends and any tobacco described as English or Balkan, will have a noticeable Latakia kick. When sold pure it is mainly used as a blending tobacco due to the heavy, rich flavour. This Cyprian Latakia has a very distinctive leathery, tarry odour accompanied by a characterful smokey flavour, which is due to a long curing process over smokey fires. Most smokers buy small amounts and add a pinch to a bowl full to add depth and character to the smoke but in very rare cases it has been known to be smoked on the rocks. The Latakia is an acquired taste and definitely wouldn't be recommended for the novice smoker.

Blending Tobacco 90% of tobacco blends you buy from your favourite tobacconist have been expertly blended by tobacco blenders with decades of expertise under their belts using core base leaves and often a casing (flavouring) of some description. In your search for "THE PERFECT BLEND" you will find some tobacco's that get close but just need that bit of character, that bit of ooomph or the burn rate just needs adjusting to suit your palate. That's were blending tobacco's come in. Whether you want to adjust the character of a pre bought blend or start from scratch for the ultimate bespoke tobacco this is the place to start.

Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco: The Gawiths Kendal Latakia, Blending, Pipe Tobacco is a ready rubbed tobacco blend. Ready rubbed tobacco is made up of loose strands and is ready for immediate use in the pipe with no preparation for added convenience and enjoyment.

Loose packaged to order: Here at the UK Tobacco Specialist Tobacconist we buy our Latakia Pipe Tobacco in half kilo bags. This means we hand package your tobacco and inspect every strand before it reaches you.

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