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Dr Plumbs 6mm Cuttable Absorbent Paper Filters (Pack of 25)

** This product is not currently available. **
  • 25 Pipe Filters
  • Disposable
  • Pack of 25 quality 6mm absorbent filters!

These filters will fit in the stem of any pipe with a 6mm round bore. They can easily be cut down to suit varying shank lengths.

Re-designed for 2019 The machinery used to make the original Dr Plumbs filters with the small internal flaps wore out and there is no way of replicating this machine so these filters had to be re-designed. In place of the internal flaps the new design is made from rolled highly absorbent paper. The smoke is allowed to pass through the filter with less restriction, which gives a smoother draw but we are told the filters remove the same amount of impurities from the smoke.

The paper is bleached using oxygen and they are glued with natural vegetable glue so there are no chemicals used in the manufacture of these filters.

Usage: No mess no fuss simply wait until the filter turns a deep brown colour and chuck in the bin. Put a pipe cleaner through the pipe and replace the filter.

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