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Pipe Racks & Stands

A pipe rack is not only a decorative display for your smoking pipes. As any experienced pipe smoker knows a pipe needs airing. If they are simply left on the sideboard or coffee table they are likely to be knocked off and stood on.
A pipe rack keeps your pipes out of harms reach, allows the maximum amount of air to circulate around your pipe and prevents messy spillages and clutter, which is likely to frustrate the missus more and increase the chances of her banishing your pipe smoking activities to the garden shed.

As it seems with most pipe related products nowadays the majority of the large manufacturers don't appreciate that there are still a lot of pipe smokers out there who want to display the wares of their favourite past times.

Thankfully there are still a few who recognise smokers needs and you can be assured your favourite specialist tobacconist will do their best to source the best of what's available and list them here for you.